Soul Coughing - Lust In Phaze (RSD Exclusive, Yellow 2xLP Vinyl)

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Soul Coughing - Lust In Phaze (RSD Exclusive, Black Friday 2022, Yellow 2xLP Vinyl)

All Music calls them "one of the most unusual cult bands of the 90's." Way ahead of their time mixing jazz, samples, hip hop, electronic and experimentalism, Soul Coughing is no longer together but lives on with cool music fans everywhere. Mike Doughty, the lead singer continues to record and perform and recently reunited with bandmate Sebastian Steiberg at Largo in LA after 22 years. Never released on vinyl, Lust in Phaze, is a greatest hits and B Sides compilation originally released twenty years ago in 2002 on Slash. Rhino had reissued the three studio albums in 2015 and they are no longer in print but some go for top dollar on Discogs. In addition to the band's most popular songs, Lust in Phaze includes "Unmarked Helicopters" from the X Files, B-side "Buddha Rhubarb Butter," a Propellerheads radio edit of "Super Bon Bon," and a live version of "Casiotone Nation." The Record Store Day Black Friday exclusive is pressed on yellow vinyl.

Title: Lust In Phaze
Artist: Soul Coughing
Format: LP
Release Date: 11/24/2022
Label: Round Hill Records
UPC: 061297790210
Genre: Rock

Track List:

A1. "Bus to Beelzebub" (From Ruby Vroom)
A2. "Sugar Free Jazz" (From Ruby Vroom)
A3. "True Dreams of Wichita" (From Ruby Vroom)
A4. "Screenwriter's Blues" (From Ruby Vroom)

B1. "Janine" (From Ruby Vroom)
B2. "Blueeyed Devil" (From Ruby Vroom)
B3. "Buddha Rhubarb Butter" (From "Down to This" single)
B4. "Unmarked Helicopters" (From Songs in the Key of X)
B5. "Super Bon Bon" (From Irresistible Bliss)

C1. "Soundtrack to Mary" (From Irresistible Bliss)
C2. "Lazybones" (From Irresistible Bliss)
C3. "Paint" (From Irresistible Bliss)
C4. "Collapse" (From Irresistible Bliss)
C5. "The Idiot Kings" (From Irresistible Bliss)
C6. "Rolling" (From El Oso)

D1. "St. Louise is Listening" (Edit) (From El Oso)
D2. "$300" (Edit) (From El Oso)
D3. "Circles" (Edit) (From El Oso)
D4. "Super Bon Bon" (Propellerheads Radio Edit) (From "Super Bon Bon" single)
D5. "Casiotone Nation" (Live) (From "Super Bon Bon" single)

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