If you're pondering, "Where can I donate vinyl records near me in Arizona?", look no further than Rock This Town Records. Steered by the vibrant duo, Malcolm & Jenn Michaels, our store embodies the pulsating heart of Arizona's musical heritage.

Why Choose Rock This Town Records to Donate Vinyl Records?

  1. Uplift Arizona's Musical Rhythms: Donate vinyl records to us and play a direct role in amplifying the richness of Arizona's independent music vibe.

  2. Pass on Musical Legacies: By donating your vinyl records, you ensure they serenade a new generation of music lovers in Arizona. CDs and cassettes are equally treasured in our collection.

  3. Jam with Arizona's Musical Stalwarts: Malcolm & Jenn Michaels aren't just proprietors; they resonate with Arizona's musical essence. Every vinyl record donation supports their enduring mission to showcase Arizona's musical spirit.

  4. A Haven for Musical Relics: Turntables, record players, or any piece of musical history find a cherished place with us, furthering our stature as the prime locale in Arizona to donate vinyl records.

Gaming Enthusiast? We're Expanding!

Our passion doesn't stop at music! We're delving into the world of gaming, embracing the joy of yesteryears. Donations of classic gaming systems such as Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, and XBOX are now welcome. Whether it's the charm of Mario's adventures or the adrenaline of Call Of Duty, your games will find eager hands here. Classic arcade units or pinball machines? They too have a home with us.

Need Cash? We've Got You Covered!

If you're looking to declutter and could use some extra cash, we're also on the lookout to buy. Your music collections, games, and gaming systems aren't just items to us; they're pieces of history, and we'd be happy to offer a fair price.

So, whether you're looking to donate or sell, and especially if you're searching "donate vinyl records near me", Rock This Town Records is your ultimate destination in Arizona. Be a part of a thriving musical and gaming community, and let your collections find new enthusiasts and aficionados.

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