As vinyl collectors ourselves, we're very concerned with the way that our favorite online record stores ship vinyl. Our goal is to always be as good as the very best, so we've invested a lot into the process.

All vinyl records we sell are brand new and factory-sealed.

What We Do

  • We inspect every record when it arrives, checking for any damage like bent corners, seam splits, and creases. Those records are flagged, set aside, and are only offered as damaged in our shop.
  • We ship all vinyl with the WHIPLASH V03 mailer considered by many the best vinyl record mailers in the world.

What We Don't Do

  • Unfortunately at the moment, we do not ship internationally. We hope to offer international shipping in 2025.
  • We do not recommend package-forwarding companies. If you are outside the United States and decide to order from us using a package-forwarding company, we only guarantee delivery to the shipping address you've provided. Once delivered to that address by the USPS or UPS, WE ARE NO LONGER RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PACKAGE and you assume all risk for the remainder of the delivery. WE DO NOT OFFER RETURNS OR REFUNDS for items that package-forwarding companies fail to deliver to you.

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