Welcome to the Rock This Town Records Live Vinyl Record Sale & Auction! Join us every Wednesday through Friday night on Facebook, YouTube, and X for a dynamic mix of instant sales and exciting auction-style bidding. Don’t miss the chance to discover and claim unique vinyl records in real-time!

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Join us on Facebook, YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter) to experience exciting live sales with interactive auction elements and the chance to claim exclusive vinyl records from your home.

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Claiming a Record

  • To claim a record for purchase, please comment in the chat with the artist name and/or album title. This is your chance to add unique pieces to your vinyl collection through our interactive live streams.

Auction Mode

  • On certain high-demand titles, Auction Mode will be activated if 2 or more viewers claim the same item. This functions like a traditional auction:
    • Interested buyers place their bids in the comments.
    • Bidding continues until all but one participant withdraws from the bidding.
    • The last, highest bidder will secure the claim. Dive into the thrill of the bidding war and secure your favorite vinyl records!

Invoicing and Payment

  • Claims made during the week of shows (Wednesday through Friday) will be invoiced on Saturday via email.
  • If your items require shipment, you will be invoiced a flat shipping rate of $7. Invoices must be paid every week.
  • Due to storage constraints, we are unable to hold orders or combine shipments.
  • IMPORTANT: Prompt payment of invoices is crucial (this includes local pickups) to:
    • Maintain organizational efficiency
    • Hold your claimed items and prevent accidental selling or shipping of your records to another customer

Unpaid Invoices

  • Invoices not paid within 7 days will be canceled, and the claimed items will be returned to stock.
  • Please check your spam folder if you do not receive your invoice as expected.
  • For any inquiries regarding invoices, feel free to email us.

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