Judah & the Lion - Folk Hop N' Roll (Deluxe Limited Edition, Pink 2xLP Vinyl)

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Judah & the Lion - Folk Hop N' Roll (Ten Bands One Cause 2022 Deluxe Limited Edition, Pink 2xLP Vinyl)

Years before forming one of Nashville's most genre-bending bands, the members of Judah &the Lion grew up in separate corners of the U.S., listening to every type of music that came their way. They loved it all: the twang of folk, the beat of hip-hop, the drive of rock & roll, the punch of pop. Later, after college brought all four musicians to Tennessee, it only made sense to combine those different backgrounds # and different sounds # together. With their second full-length album, Folk Hop N Roll, the guys shine a light on the place where their influences overlap. It's a wide-ranging sound, with fuzz bass, hip-hop percussion, distorted banjo riffs, and super-sized melodies all stirred into the same mixing pot. There's no boundaries, says frontman Judah Akers, who shares the band's lineup with drummer Spencer Cross, mandolin player Brian Macdonald, and banjo wiz Nate Zuercher. We wanted to make something raw, something with attitude. We all grew up loving these hip-hop beats, so why not make an album that has the grit of Run DMC or Beastie Boys, along with all the folk instruments that we play?

About Ten Bands One Cause: Ten Bands re-issue their albums on limited edition pink vinyl, all for one cause. This is the 9th year for the initiative that has raised close to $300,000 for Red Door Community, an organization that provides community support for both those diagnosed with cancer and their caretakers.

Title: Folk Hop N' Roll
Artist: Judah & the Lion
Format: LP
Release Date: 10/07/2022
Label: RHR Cat
UPC: 196925012409
Genre: Rock

Track List:

1. Suit And Jacket
2. Green Eyes
3. Conversations
4. Going To Mars
5. Take It All Back 2.0
6. Stockholm
7. Graffiti Dreams
8. Forever, Always
9. Folk-Hop Sound
10. All I Want Is You
11. Reputation
12. Insane
13. Better Man
14. We Own The Night
15. Uh-Huh, Yeah!
16. Take It All Back (String Quartet Op. 9 In C Major)

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