The Smiths - Meat Is Murder (2023 Reissue Vinyl)

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The Smiths - Meat Is Murder (2023 Reissue Vinyl)

Immerse yourself in the meticulously reinvigorated, digital rendition of this 1985 musical masterpiece from the illustrious British quartet. The Smiths' sophomore album, "Meat Is Murder," saw them spreading their creative wings, enriching the effervescent guitar pop of their initial offering.

"The Headmaster Ritual" and "I Want the One I Can't Have" elegantly evolve the blueprint etched in their debut, while "Rusholme Ruffians" delivers a lively Rockabilly twist. Such was their creative propulsion during this phase, they were hailed as the most seminal British ensemble since Joy Division.

But what set them apart was their distinctive sound. Indeed, no other British band was producing music quite like this in 1985. This album serves as an enduring testament to their unique imprint on the musical landscape.

Title: Meat Is Murder
Artist: The Smiths
Format: LP
Release Date: 06/23/2023
Label: Rhino
UPC: 825646658787
Genre: Alternative Rock

Track List:

- Side 1 -
1 The Headmaster Ritual (2011 Remastered Version)
2 Rusholme Ruffians (2011 Remastered Version)
3 I Want the One I Can't Have (2011 Remastered Version)
4 What She Said (2011 Remastered Version)
5 That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore (Single Version)

- Side 2 -
1 Nowhere Fast (2011 Remastered Version)
2 Well I Wonder (2011 Remastered Version)
3 Barbarism Begins at Home (2011 Remastered Version)
4 Meat Is Murder (2011 Remastered Version)

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